Bequests and Wills

Recently, at the death of a family member, some parishioners have placed in the obituary a request for donations to St. Rita Church  “in lieu of flowers.” Please consider this option. There are just so many flowers needed at a funeral, and the expense of flower baskets for those who wish to offer a gift to the deceased family too high. A gift to our parish in  memory of the deceased is truly a living gift which continues longer after the few hours the flowers are appreciated.  It also offers the opportunity to offer a remembrance of the deceased within their own budget. Please give serious thought to this wonderful expression of sympathy.

Have you included us in your will? If you have, please let us know. We’d like to have the opportunity to say “thank you.” For more information on how to make a charitable bequest, save on estate taxes, or set up a life income plan for a spouse, child or loved one, please contact Fr. Sharkey at 248-5513. All responses are kept confidential and information is provided without obligation.