A six month preparation is required by the Archdiocese of Hartford. Call the St. Rita Church rectory well in advance to set a date.

Marriage Preparation

The bride and/or groom must be a registered member of St. Rita Church and attending Mass on a regular basis. Please call the rectory at least six (6) months in advance so we can take preliminary information and begin the preparation for marriage. We schedule weddings for Friday evenings or for Saturday (latest time is 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays).

Once the preliminary information has been given, you will receive a call from the Priest to schedule an initial interview. Following this interview, a member of our Pre-Cana Team will contact you to schedule your participation in our Marriage Preparation Program (MPP). Our unique parish based Pre-Cana program is held annually in March.

After completing the Marriage Preparation Program, you will meet with the Priest. He will need certificates from the church where you were baptized. You will also meet with our Music Director to plan the music for your wedding.

Marriage Guidelines

  1. Call the Priest who will be witnessing your marriage with your proposed date. When the date is set – contact the parish organist.
  2. All couples choosing to marry in the Church are required to attend a one-day Marriage Preparation Program held in March, the weekend before President’s Day weekend.
  3. The purpose of the Marriage Preparation Program is to ensure you are meeting all of the requirements of the Church. The MPP consists of a questionnaire that you must complete. Please bring with you a recent copy (not older than six (6) months old) of your Baptismal Certificate.
  4. Please be on time for the rehearsal. Please bring to the rehearsal your marriage license and the marriage fee.
  5. Music should be carefully chosen and should be suitable for the religious nature of the celebration.
  6. If you choose to have flowers, please remember the following regulations:
    • a. Real flowers are to be used in Church
    • b. Flowers, when used, should be arranged tastefully
    • c.   Flowers that are brought into the Church will be used for the weekend Liturgies
    • d.  Share flower expenses with other couples getting married the same day you are
  7. It is your responsibility to leave the Church as clean as you find it.
  8. Please do not have your guests throw rice or birdseed.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please contact the rectory at 248-5513 or email us.